Catchment To Coast

Catchments to Coast is a program of the Glamorgan Spring Bay Natural Resource Management Committee with implementation currently possible due to a co funding arrangement between Council and NRM South.

Catchments to Coast is a long term program that partners with many stakeholders to get things done on the ground.  Highlights are featured in the attached newsletters.

Swan Apsley Catchment Management Plan Feb 2013(6977 kb)

Little Swanport Catchment Plan 2010-2015(4822 kb)

Draft Prosser Catchment Management Plan 2002(981 kb)


Catchment To Coast Newsletters

July 2009(955 kb) 

February 2010(3909 kb)

December 2010(9035 kb)

July 2011(5002 kb)

January 2013(2485 kb)

July 2014(1131 kb)

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